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When it comes to providing luxurious transportation, you can’t go wrong with

Boiling Pot

You will think you have been transported to Louisiana as soon as you walk through the door. The seafood is insanely fresh and they offer it in wide variety. The most popular dish is Cajun combo consisting of blue crab, shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn. Keep in mind this is a New Orleans boil situation, no plates, they pour the food down right in-front of you on butchers paper and let you dig in..

Panjo's Pizza

Pizza is probably the number one food brought on board our vehicles. It's just so quick and convenient, and it allows you to eat on your way to your next stop. We chose to highlight Panjo's Pizza because it is considered by many in the area to be not only the best pizza in Rockport but also one of the best restaurants period. Plus any leftovers make a great way to end your trip.


If you are seeking a dining destination a bit more fancy without breaking the bank I would highly suggest taking a detour to LATITUDE 28°02' Restaurant and Art Gallery. The place is beautiful with incredibly friends and help staff who go above and beyond to make you feel right at home. If you happen to be going during happy hour you are in for a treat.

Poor Man's Country Club

With a great view of the beach Poor Man's Country Club is exactly what it sounds like, a nice comfortable hang out for the working class crowd. Serving the purpose as an extravagant Country Club without all the pretense and exclusivity, the only people who may feel excluded are vegetarians and vegans, while there are a few menu options for them, the animals on the wall will probably put them off.